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stark contrast of inequalities in Ghana


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finally the signal is behaving so now for an update.. arrived on 22nd May 2010, flew via amsterdam .. journey from Manchester took 12 hrs with a stop over. IN AMSTERDAM saw Rob H at MANCESTER airport which was really nice!! EMOTIONAL GOOD BYE TO JONATHAN as we fixedup where to meet in capetown in 1 moths time

.. no phone signal here ...
Made our way to Big Millies back yard that lIves up to all that we expected... but the division of the haves and the have nots it so wide... ok so where to start.. Big Millies is owned by Wendy a quinticential british woman who swans around in a sun visor and cotton bell bottomed trousers she owns big millies and has clearly shrunk as the place was named after her..the place is a backpackers haven away from the bustle of the city and situated on the beach ...
there are small cottages dotted aroing the compound all made with mud bricks and rendered in white or Ochre some are shaped round and others like ares are hansel and gretel style with small verandha and spartan but tasteful and in keeping furnishings inside -we have a trickle for a shower as the pressure is so low ...but we have wait for it....... air con!! which is an unexpected feature and an amazing contrast to the outer temps which today were in the 90's...
The cottages are divided in our compound by a low wall leading to the beach.. on the other side of the wall there are the fishermen and thier families scratching a living from rowing out long boats into the ocean that have seen better days.
small children aged from 0-16 gather around the boats all day in a kind of food chain eeeking livings from each other ... so the fishermen sit at the top , helped by young men who cast the nets - and younger men who run the boats out against the tide who pay the small boys dressed in rags who mend the nets.. we meanwhile watch all this from the beach balcony sipping ice cold water and playing uno and listening to reggae... ( look we dont do this all day) but you get the drift... Tom has befriended some of the small children related to the fisherman and the universal catylist for frienship has been the football whcih Tom plans to give to them ..
Tonight Tom is starting to talk about how sad he feels that his new friends sleep on mats in the boats or on the beach and has reflected on all that he has at home ....

We are meeting so many other travellers each with a tale to tell I am not the oldest as I expected to be (47 tomorrow!) many travelling on thier own ...We have got frindly with x4 canadian nurses that have just returned from Kenya .. they are loving- as we are, the generosity and sincere Ghanain hospitality ..

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BIG MILLIES BACK YARD..loosing track of time

sunny 3 °C

Tom has written the next entry ..check out BIG MILIES BACK YARD accra ON GOOGLE to give you a flavour of where we are... its paradise ...

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Leaving Parties!

Project X in Buxton

semi-overcast 9 °C

Well, we are nearly packed..ok I use the term loosely -I have bunged all the clothing and and first aid mossie nets and all the extras I keep seeing around the house for just in case senarios in a spare room...packing starts tomorrow.. unlike diets..
I had a fantasic evening with friends in Project X on Saturday , feel really lucky that so many people took the time to come ..had some interesting travel goodies ...(to add to just in case bag!!) very thoughtful ... cant wait to see the photos.. In true Lesley style I fell over ..It wasnt alchol fueled- I slipped .. showed Fiona the dinner plate bruise yesterday-not pretty.
Last Uk entry today ... hopefully we will get a window from Icelands volcanic erupption on Saturday to fly..otherwise visions of travel blog from Buxton-...

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Buxton - still freezing cold daffodills confused

goods shipped out

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Found a shipping agent -goods left UK last week- agent, ghanaian Sylvester, came to collect late one evening, he has been very helpful.. offered me a cheap rate lodging in Accra,( one of his houses) ..not sure he quite gets why we are going,, only plan on spending a few days in Accra! - letter witten to Hospital Doctors in Offinso to tell them about goods and date of arrival......So looking forward to a the break- the fundraisng ball held on 6th MARCH RAISED £1.800 which was far more than expected...
keeping accounts... just paid a wodge of it on the shipping...
yellow fever jabs yesterday .. paid £130.00 extortion!!! wonder what the gp profit margin is???
Its gonna snow in Buxton apparently- the daffodills are confused-

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March 14th planning the trip to Ghana from rainy old Buxton

flights booked- need shipping agent

rain 3 °C

All set for trip in may, flights, plan to stay first few days in Accra, then travel to Offinso, hope we can stay in hospital , need to confirm this with Senior Doctor, We have raised money here in Buxton to buy some medical equiptemnt and ship out baby scales Returning to hospital where I worked as a midwife in 1988, with our 11 yr old son ...
Tom saved birthday money to take out footballs!! I have memories of local children blowing up pig bellies for footballs..
it all feels real now...

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